Learn The Basics of Blues Guitar 
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The blues are an essential piece to the puzzle that is electric guitar. The two have gone hand in hand since the inception of our instrument, and today it seems, the blues is just as relevant as ever. 

Whether you like folk, rock, jazz, country, heavy metal or any other genre, this series of lessons is designed to get you accustomed to playing licks that can be found all throughout various types of music. 

By uncovering the blues scale, the chords that correspond to it and the basic 12 bar blues progression you’ll take your playing to levels you never thought were possible, until now!
Blues Basics DVD Series
For Beginner/Intermediate Guitarists

This is one Amazing Collection of Blues Material, taught by Max Rich-a true Blues Master! 
5 Lessons, 1 Disc, 2+ Hours of content
Here's the breakdown:
  • 12 Bar Blues Riff: Whether you’ve never played a blues lick in your life or you already know the scales and chords, this lesson will show you some different types of “feels” and ways of making your guitar riffs swing!
  • Beginning Blues Chords: Once you’ve gotten a hang of the 12-bar blues riff and what you can do with it, its time to turn your attention toward playing the chords.
  • The Blues Scale: This variation on the pentatonic scale is one that you’ve heard many times in popular music and believe it or not, is fairly easy to learn.
  • Bending: Take one note and stretch it until it becomes another…it’s a very vocal-like quality that will add a huge amount of expressiveness to your playing. You just have to learn how to do it properly!
  • Common Blues Licks: This lesson on some essential and commonly played blues licks will beef up your repertoire, ensuring that you don’t run out of solo ideas in the middle of your improvisation.
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I believe in the power of the Blues Basics DVD Collection so much that if after using it for 30 days you aren't starting to play those blues licks you know and love, you can send it back to us for a full refund.
Don't Spend Another Day Dreaming Of the Blues, 
When You Can Be Playing It!
Blues Basics DVD Series
5 Lessons, 1 Discs, 2+ Hours Content!